UPA Scholars Honored at School Board Meeting!

Jason, Jennifer, and Justo carry 4.0 GPAs and have had perfect attendance this year! To recognize their achievements -- and to support our recent College for All trip -- Board Member Noel Gallo celebrated them at a February Board meeting. He also personally funded their participation in our College for All campus tours, and encouraged the community to support the trip as well. Watch the video below!

Thank you to all who supported this formative trip! We raised nearly $10,000, ensuring that every student could go on college tours this year. In other exciting fundraising news, we were recently awarded a $100,000 grant from Target to fund dance, martial arts, theater, music, and fine arts classes during 2012-13 school year! In an era when art has gone under-funded in public schools across the country, we are thrilled about the opportunity to expose students to a range of arts and to nurture their creativity and self-expression.