(From our Summer 2009 Promise newsletter...)

Garden Day Brings Campus Together

Near the end of a full Saturday spent digging, planting, and mulching, Principal Mark Triplett and Administrative Assistant Rita Cecaci stepped back to take in the amazing crew of students, parents, and community members who made the new UPA Garden a reality.

“I can’t tell you how proud I was to see so many people all working and laughing together to build a more beautiful school,” reflectsTriplett.“It was just an awesome sight to see so many people from the UPA community there,” recalls Cecaci.“Everybody was so enthusiastic, and now in the spring and summertime we see the fruits of our labor. It’s changed the whole look of the school.”

When you do volunteer work, says Cecaci, “it brings people together in a different way. It’s not about business, it’s about coming together no matter what your role is, just getting in there and doing the work, and you really see the joy in the way people carry themselves. It was such a happy feeling we all got from the day.”

And the garden is just one piece of the ongoing improvements on campus. UPA recently debuted its new athletic field as well. “Slowly but surely, we’re taking an old building and customizing it to be our school home,” says Cecaci.“We’re taking ownership and making decisions about what we want the school environment to be.”